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Kodak Moments' "The Memory Observatory" SXSW Branded Art Installation

What's the difference between an Instagram pic and a "Kodak Moment"? Quality vs. quantity. How do you best illustrate the difference? By bringing that big idea to life, literally letting participants step inside one of their most favorite photographs and share their stories with others.


To launch the new "Kodak Moments" app created by, I partnered with internationally renowned sensory installation artist Marcos Lutyens and Aaron Duffy's SpecialGuest to Executive Produce an physical to digital experience that would cut through the clutter of SXSW (and future international festivals and conferences). 


Festival goers worked with docents to select the most meaningful photograph on their camera roll, then move to a intimate pod to be privately interviewed by the artist and about their memories including the story behind the image, the colors, sounds, smells it conjured. The photos were dissected, kaliedascoped, sound and images were edited in real time. Participants then moved to a large public screening pod where the participant and other festival attendees could relive these Kodak Moments in a full sensory experience including ambient sounds and smells. People smiled, laughed, cried and left the subtley branded installation fully understanding the power of the app and the meaning of a Kodak Moment. The Memory Observatory garnered more than 1/2 billion media hits in its first 3 days live and will tour the world in the coming year.

Cannes entry short case study highlighting campaign effectivity.

An escape from the clutter of SXSW.

Back of house, the wizards behind the curtain.

The modular, reusable structure.

Entrance to private "Reflection Room".

Artist Marcos Lutyens and "The Memory Observatory" public screening pod.

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