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Jägermeister "Pitch Theatre" Experiential & Influencer Kit Prototype 

When Jagermeister's account came up for review OgilvyOne wanted it. It was all hands on deck. I helped to create a "pitch theatre" experience (inspired by Sleep No More) in which the client was taken through a series of four distinctly and elaborately designed and lit rooms, each uniquely decorated to bring the various proposed "big ideas" to life and emmerse the client in the concepts.

In addition, I co-concepted, and produced a exquisite limited edition "Influencer Kit" and prototyped it in less than two weeks. The "pregame" kit was housed in a subltely branded secret "stash" leather bound hollow book and included: a 375ml bottle of ice cold Jagermeister (so cold in fact it was frosted and puffed you in the face with cold air when you opened it), a custom published "life hack" booklet for young adults, an engraved NFC ring, custom shot glasses, and a proposed Jager edition set of "Cards Against Humanity". 

All the other competeing digital agencies left the client with 100+ page decks. We left one of those too and this as well as a plan for ABC legal and DISCUS compliant distribution and delivery of the kit to influencers throughout the country.


Result: WIN $$$ vs. 10+ competiting agencies.           

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