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Current TV PR Initiative Physical to Digital Projections & Portable Interactive Installation

Current TV wanted to get their content seen by thousands of diverse New Yorkers and enlist users for their new social media site. I co-concepted and produced a week-long nightly series of mobile projections throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC. I got to use my legal background and knowledge of First Amendment protections for journalism to navigate my way around some tricky permitting issues. Street teams showed time and place relevant shorts projected large-scale on buildings from Brooklyn to Wall Street to the Lower East Side to the UN Building using special hi-tech portable hot dog cart projection and audio systems then did "man-on-the-street" interviews with passersby about the issues presented in the projections. The interviews were posted on the site that night and broadcast on-air.  We partnered with not-for-profit Art Start, with each registration, users contributed $5 totaling $10,000. Content from the interviews was used for on-air promotion on Current TV. This video documents the project.

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