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I’m a true hybrid. Part strategist, part publicist, part business development, part producer, part creative.


I love negotiating mutually beneficial strategic alliances between brands and creative persons of all sorts, growing companies and helping make great things. Then making those things famous. I have a particular passion for exploring and crafting new business models which merge creativity, marketing, and technology in our constantly evolving industry. I like to do things FIRST, efficiently, and profitably so they will be repeated.

I  am challenged daily to push the definition of marketing and to make things that are culturally relevant if not actually art... BUT I live for ROI and happy clients. Whenever possible, which I find to be most of the time, I do find ways to incorporate elements into my projects which help make the world a slightly better place (+generate goodwill + strengthen PR/social amplification opportunities). Win-Win-Win!

As a producer, I can take a germ of an idea and build it into something wonderful, Or, I can take a thoroughly detailed plan and produce it to exact specifications. Then see it through the PR stage to make sure people know about it.

Throughout my career, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great creative minds amongst them are Errol Morris, Craig Kanarick, Tucker Viemeister, Alex Bogusky, Marina Zurkow, Paul Venables, Corinna Falusi, Jill Greenberg, and John Jay.

I’ve made some wild stuff! Some of it is here, hope you enjoy!

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